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First Date

On a first date, especially one arranged through the internet, there are certain factors to consider:



  • Arrange to meet in a busy public place

  • Tell a friend where you are going and arrange to give them a call on your return

  • Give your friend the contact details of the person you are meeting and details of where your date is taking place

  • Tell your date about the arrangement you have with your friend, if he doesn't understand, that's his problem!

  • Park in a well lit area, as close to the venue as possible

  • It's probably worth following all the advice given on the left for females!

  • Be understanding about making your date feel secure

  • First Date Tips for Men


First dates can often be quite nervous occasions, so it's best not to pass judgment too quickly. People are often nervous, so their true self doesn't begin to show through until at least the second date.

Choose a venue that is not too loud, but has enough going on for when the inevitable lapses in conversation occur. If you choose not to go to a pub or restaurant, you could try an activity such as bowling or an art gallery. The cinema or theatre, however, might not be a very good choice - you can't chat and get to know one another.

Try to relax and remember your date is probably feeling as nervous as you are! Often, when people are nervous, they talk too much. Try to be aware of this and ensure you ask lots of questions about your date too.